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Andrea Negrete © 2018

Andrea Negrete © 2018


-ismo is an act of transgression.

It is a site for stories of gender and sexuality; race and ethnicity; class and caste; and ritual and religion, which we use as an attempt to understand and dissect the “post-colonial” realities that forge the way we live and identify. -ismo Magazine aims to embody a space for radical, creative and analytical thought. It is a site for exploration, questioning, reimagining, and reframing our ever-shifting identities. It is a site of investigation and celebration, of history and accountability. It is a place of possibility and potential.


Dear Readers,

We debated for hours over how to tell people who we are and what we’re doing. True to our collective (and individual) nature(s), we found a desire to go against the grain: who we are, we decided, is what we’re trying to do. The two are not mutually exclusive ideas. We are the marginalized, the colonized, the subjugated. We are the people whose stories get told or left untold by others. And we are creating a space, a conversation, and a narrative that begins with us.

Our goal is to respect the complexities that have made and continue to make us who we are. We aim to break free of a narrative not our own, to challenge the notion that we should simply be thankful for our liberties. We have due criticism of the broken system within which we exist; we have criticism of this system’s perpetrators. Though, we acknowledge that even as marginalized individuals we are also capable of perpetuating the same systems of oppression that act upon others. We aim to create a site of honest engagement of multiple experiences, so as to celebrate and exercise our right to live freely and knowingly.

This is our story. It is an attempt to reclaim the narratives that have been edited out of the telling of the past—to give voice to identities that have been silenced. Our act of transgression is to wait for no one's permission. We are creating a place of possibility now. We are carving out space for our voices here.

And we are inviting you to join us.

-ismo Editorial Staff