a letter to our subscribers,


The fun thing about reintroductions is that they’re inherently funny. Like having to tell someone your name the fourth time—do you bring up the fact that it’s just bananas how the third time was not, in fact, the charm when it came to your name?

There’s undeniable humor there. The less fun thing about them, of course, is the confession quality they have. The “oops” aura that hits you initially, and maybe shames you out of doing the re-intro at all, the failure it gives away. Because, ultimately, a re-anything is primarily a failure of the first-anything to go exactly as planned.

That said, this is our reintroduction:

Hi, we’re -ismo. We like revolutionary art and social criticism on 35mm film. We also like long walks on the beach, and we don’t know for sure what kind of magazine we are yet, but we know that we are absolutely not a quarterly one, and we don’t know why anyone would have ever said that we are. That would be so obviously ridiculous!

        But all jokes aside, this is what a learning curve looks like. A couple of us are educators by trade, and we’re all educators by choice, and so learning curves are near and dear to our hearts. We’d like to earnestly thank you for being a part of the very outset of ours.

        This past year has (in more ways than one) been a reminder that the key to a revolution is in the daily, mundane tasks. The persistence. Because, like brushing your teeth, they are boring but create sustainability. A kind of sustainability that is evergreen in every sense, maybe taking 15 months just to germinate, and 70 years to get to a state you recognize, like a fir tree does. But never ending in its growth. Limitless in possibility. It takes a couple tries to figure out how to create a platform that not only generates revolutionary beauty, but also cares for itself so that it may keep doing so with limited help.

        We want to announce to our following, and to our contributors most seriously, that we appreciate your work and your patience. We are excited and humbled by the privilege to get together to work again in this space that we’re proud to have carved out with our very own hands and that is kept alive by yours: Our reconfigurational hiatus has officially come to a close.

And because you're such incredible humans and have subscribed to us, we've included some exclusive information below! You'll be the first ones to know. 

Mil gracias,

-ismo editorial staff