Warreno  (Flickr)

Warreno (Flickr)

Part 1

i want to write a poem for you
i haven’t written one yet

as much as i feel for you
i haven’t written anything
about you
or for you

i want to write poetry for you
but i am at a loss for words to describe and express
the real
need i have
to worship you

i want to be at your feet
i want to serve you
on all fours

i want to bow down at your feet
and raise my eyes to yours

i want your eyes to meet mine
and tell me quietly
you approve

i can’t imagine what your mind does to you when you look down on me
i can’t imagine what you feel

i want to be at your feet and let my arms rise
to caress your thighs
lift myself up until my eyes
meet you… there.
i want to be there for eternity
i want to be there

Part 2

Can you be a Daddy to my little,
a Master to my pet?

Can you fuck me til I come—
Can you make me really really wet?

Can you balance our budget?
Make sure I eat?

Can you hold my hand
while we walk down the street?

Can you stroke my forehead
and pet my hair?

Can you choke me, rub my back
and sort my mail?

Can you make sure I pay my bills on time?
Help me raise my credit score?

Can you help me fold the clothes
and call me your dirty little whore?

Can you cook dinner while I study and then
take me on a walk?

Can you let me serve you—make you happy—
just let me listen to you talk?

Can you love me and my daughter?
Make a promise to us both?

Is this all too much to ask for?
Might this be the most?

Liminal Body

Liminal Body

41.8781º N, 87.6298º W

41.8781º N, 87.6298º W