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Andrea Negrete © 2018

Andrea Negrete © 2018

Your relationship with your skin is the longest relationship you’ll ever have. An inheritance worn at the surface. A container at odds with the depth of what it contains, and deeper still, the consequences it comes with. The tone of your flesh, of your context, of how you relate. Any good relationship is built on communication, right? (I promise I’ll drink more water.) And on love, right? So,

Let’s talk.




What does your skin mean to you? Is it power and resistance — a reminder of those who came before you? How does your skin define you within your community and outside of it? Is it your skin that forms the folds of the body that make it home? Are your scars memory banks?

Have you never had to think about your skin?

Where do you see wonder and beauty in yourself? When you see it in others, what inspires you to see beauty in their cellular, molecular, all kinds of bio-cosmic coincidence that created a human this time?

For -ismo’s next issue, we explore ‘Skin’ and the intimacy we hold within ourselves in relation to our bodies, our memories, our lovers, our friendships, our families and communities. We are asking contributors to consider an intro/extrospection of the role of color, culture, affinity, ability, appreciation, and joy in relation to skin.

Deadline: June 18th

Visit our submissions page to send us a pitch. If you have any questions, we wanna hear from you!