Meet the Team

Get to know the team of brown Latinx creatives that banded together to make the magic happen.


Giselle Blanco-Santana


Giselle doesn’t believe in limitations, only possibilities. She also really likes cheesy cliches because they’re funny. She aspires to try as many soups from around the world and pet as many fluffy animals as possible. On cold winter days, you can find her in a museum or at home curled up watching Netflix. To emerge from said hibernation she requires at least 75 degrees fahrenheit (or 24 Celsius) and will immediately find the nearest patch of nature to explore. Born in Mexico City and raised in Boston, Giselle holds a special appreciation for learning about cultures different from her own.

Jaime Longoria Castillo

Editor and Digital Manager

Jaime is data and web editor at The Nation Institute's Investigative Fund. They are a novelist, poet, journalist, and wannabe from the US-México borderlands. Jaime lives and writes in Brooklyn.



Yamilette Vizcaino Rivera

Editor and Digital Manager

Yami does a little bit of everything and therefore not much of anything, except that she writes. She writes in brand new gifted notebooks, in the margins of well worn copies of books, on the backs of envelopes and receipts, and on the front of sticky notes and stationary. She aspires to someday write something that doesn't make her father say "¿Y tu en serio quieres que yo lea todo eso, Yamilette?" 

Andrea Negrete

Arts/Multi Media Editor and Director of Social Media Relations

Andrea is an artist based out of Brooklyn, born and bred on the border.



Zuna Maza


Zuna is an art history graduate student at Hunter College. She has worked in and around museums, galleries, non-profits, and retail for most of her life. Above all Zuna endeavors to exist thoughtfully and surrounded by art. She lives and works in Brooklyn.